What We Do

Start Sharp Consulting (SSC) provides an IT and business training and consultation service, specialising in marketing and operations, training (IT and professional development), website and content management systems development and administration, and documentation provision.

SSC works with start ups, small businesses and not-for-profits, within Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Illawarra regions of NSW Australia to identify opportunities for growth and development and to integrate workable systems and solutions.

Whether you are an individual, an established business, or just starting up, we aim to provide you with a professional training and advisory service, tailored specifically to meet your needs and abilities. We believe that by providing you with the skills and know-how, you will be equipped with the knowledge to explore on your own, (with our support along the way), maximising your own and your business's efficiency.

What We Offer

We provide specialised business and IT advice and support that will enhance the existing support structures of the organisation or assist you in setting up your new business.

We can assist in identifying and filling gaps in current systems and procedural documentation, providing training for staff on systems, as well as making recommendations for current systems to allow for integrations and to support business and technology advancements.

We can help you with the following as examples:

  • Website development and systems integration

  • Implementation of content management systems

  • Provisioning and management of social media presence

  • Implementation of e-marketing solutions

  • Implementation of accounts and payroll technology solutions

  • Document template design

  • Data mining and data analysis

  • Policies and procedures documentation development

  • Development of marketing strategies and materials

  • Training for productivity applications and business skills

  • Technology consulting and advisory

  • Support with upgrades of business and technology updates

  • Development of training programmes and documentation.

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What Makes Us Special

As we offer one-on-one training, small group workshops and consultancy, you set the pace, and are completely in control of setting your own objectives. We are adept at understanding your requirements and listening to your needs and we pride ourselves on being able to ask the right questions, at the right time, of the right people to get the full picture.

We use this information to identify areas for growth, recommending workable and cost effective solutions that will provide long term results.

We also provide you with follow up support, so you are never left completely on your own.

How We Structure OUR coaching SESSIONS

Before coaching begins, we discuss your needs and requirements, and assess any existing skills, documents or systems. We undertake an audit to allow us to assist you with the right building blocks.

Depending upon your requirements we will then schedule in one session to address your specific needs, a block of sessions to learn a series of skills or work on a specific identified project.

It may be identified that work can be undertaken remotely by Start Sharp Consulting, or you may prefer to work closely with us. We will make recommendations along the way but will always be guided by your requirements.